Kevin Gilbert's Kaviar - New Low Price!
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Kevin Gilbert's Kaviar - New Low Price!

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Kevin Gilbert's Kaviar (CD)

(original lenticular version)

1. Death Orgy 9000
2. Picnic
3. Pretty
4. Indian Burn
5. Making Kristy Cry
6. Broken
7. Single
8. The Sultan of Brunei
9. Fall In Love With Me

If you're a fan of Kevin Gilbert, this album is a *MUST OWN* CD!

Contextually different from a majority of Kevin's solo material as well as the Toy Matinee; The Kaviar Sessions is acerbic, adult and dark.
The only similarity to Kevin's other work is the wit and humor...and those qualities alone are worth the price of admission.
Musically the disc is brilliant. In that regard, all of Kevin's work is unified....not a missed beat or out of place note.

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