KMG Archive Series - Volume 4 - Thud Acoustic
KMG Archive Series - Volume 4 - Thud Acoustic
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KMG Archive Series - Volume 4 - Thud Acoustic

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Thud Acoustic is an album that Kevin was assembling in 1995. The album was to feature alternate Thud mixes along with newly reworked acoustic versions.

Running Time: 27 minutes

01. When You Give Your Love To Me

02. Goodness Gracious

03. Joytown

04. The Tears Of Audrey

05. Waiting

06. Song For A Dead Friend

About the KMG Archive Series — This multi-CD series will consist of audio recordings of all eras from deep within the Kevin Gilbert audio vault. Demos, unreleased tracks, alternate mixes, live soundboard recordings, studio rehearsal sessions, and more. The highest quality audio source was used for each title. Some recordings will be presented in raw form and exist for the true completist.

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