GIRAFFE - The Box Set
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GIRAFFE - The Box Set

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This Giraffe box set offers 2020 remasters of The Power of Suggestion and The View From Here, along with a brand new career-spanning DVD: Another Image Yet. The DVD begins with a 9-song live performance at Gold Star Cafe, includes both Los Angeles and Japan competition broadcasts, and adds footage of Giraffe in Japan rehearsing, relaxing, and enjoying their journey. Additional video content included; full track listing below.

Also included: a 24-page booklet featuring liner notes from all Giraffe band members (Kevin Gilbert; Michael Abowd; Chris Beveridge; Stan Cotey; J. Scott Smith), photos, memorabilia, and complete song credits.

Another Image Yet (DVD) is sourced from aged video broadcasts, television
performances, and archival media.

The Power Of Suggestion (CD; 2020 Remaster)

     1.    Overtures
     2.    The Last Thing On Your Mind
     3.    In Every Line
     4.    This Warm Night
     5.    Image Maker
     6.    Because Of You
     7.    Everything We Are
     8.    New Patriots
     9.    Can't Make This Love Go Away
    10.    The World Just Gets Smaller
    11.    Power Reprise
    12.    Because Of You - 11th Hour Mix
    13.    Finale

The View From Here (CD; 2020 Remaster)

     1.    Home
     2.    Progress
     3.    From Here To There
     4.    All Fall Down
     5.    The Way Back Home
     6.    Waiting For The Rain
     7.    Holding On With Both Hands
     8.    I Will Survive
     9.    Air Dance
    10.    Welcome Home

Another Image Yet (DVD)

Live at Gold Star Cafe
Mountain View, California
April 28, 1988

    1.    Because Of You
    2.    Suits Me Fine
    3.    Image Maker
    4.    Can’t Make This Love Go Away
    5.    The Last Thing On Your Mind
    6.    The World Just Gets Smaller
    7.    Tired Old Man Suite
    8.    This Warm Night
    9.    I Go Swimming

Yamaha Soundcheck National Finals
Universal Amphitheatre
Los Angeles, California
September 16, 1988

    1.    Band Interview
    2.    This Warm Night
    3.    Because Of You

At Nine with Michelle Blaine

    1.    Interview with Kevin Gilbert (pt.1)
    2.    Because Of You
    3.    Interview with Kevin Gilbert (pt.2)

Band Explosion World Final
Fuji Television Studio
Tokyo, Japan
February 9-12, 1989

    1.    At the Grand Palace Hotel
    2.    Arriving at Rehearsal
    3.    Because Of You - rehearsal - February 11, 1989
    4.    Post-rehearsal / Arriving at Show
    5.    Because Of You - performance - February 12, 1989

“This Warm Night” Video
    1.    “This Warm Night” - Official Music Video
    2.    “This Warm Night” - MTV Basement Tapes with Kevin Seal

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