Kaviar Digipak CD
Kaviar Digipak CD
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Kaviar Digipak CD

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Kaviar Digipak CD

This newly remastered CD includes 5 additional tracks not available on The Kaviar Sessions CD from 2002.

Kaviar is:

Kevin Gilbert

Brian MacLeod

Nick D’Virgilio

Paul Ill

Susie Davis

David Levita

01. Death Orgy 9000

02. Picnic

03. Pretty

04. Indian Burn

05. Making Kristy Cry

06. Broken

07. Single

08. The Sultan Of Brunei

09. Fall In Love With Me

10. Horizontalize

11. New Orleans (I Don’t Remember)

12. Hard Life (Feel Good Right Now)

13. Death Orgy 9000 (The Bug Man Mix)

14. Indian Burn (Happy Thanksgiving)


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