Rubinoos - Paleophonic
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Rubinoos - Paleophonic

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The Rubinoos - Paleophonic

Produced by Kevin Gilbert

Early Winter
You Don't Know Her
Perfect Stranger
Can I
No More Where She Came From
So Much For Fairytales
Gone To Seed
Life In The Slow Lane
Pursuit Of Happiness
Surf Trek

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From the opening strains of "Amnesia," Paleophonic's lead off track, it's as if time has stood still--the Rubinoos' unique brand of majestic power pop, distinguished by their sublime and utterly distinctive vocal harmonies, sounds every bit as fresh today as it did twenty years ago.

And while Paleophonic is chock full of vintage Rubinoos pop (the aforementioned "Amnesia," "Pursuit of Happiness," "No More Where She Came From"), the boys seem to take particular delight in flexing their stylistic muscles. "You Don't Know Her"'s banjo and handclaps create a distinct hoedown feel. "Can I" and "Gone to Seed" are harder edged than typical 'Noos fare, while the jazzy "Life in the Slow Lane" deftly incorporates background vocals that seemingly emanate from an antique Victrola.

Paleophonic's closer, the Ventures-meet-Captain Kirk "Surf Trek," proves that not only have the band's musical talents not eroded over the years, but their collective sense of humor is doing just fine as well, thank you very much.-- Rick Schadelbauer, Amplifier Magazine

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